4 things to know about Boykin Spaniel Puppies

History of the Boykin Spaniel:

In the early 1900s on South Carolina’s Wateree River, hunters often used small boats to access game along the river corridors, the boats were already loaded with men’s, guns, and provisions, so the typical large retriever was just too big to fit. The development of the dog which calls the Boykin during this time is the ideal dog for hunting wild turkey and waterfowl. He was perfect for traveling in the men`s boats just because of his compact size. 


The first Boykin Spaniel was reportedly a small stray Spaniel-type dog befriended by a man in Spartanburg, South Carolina. After the dog began to show an aptitude for hunting, the man sends his dog, named “dumpy” to become a superb turkey dog and waterfowl retriever. 

The Boykin spaniel became as well as knows as an excellent hunting companion that South Carolina made him their official state dog. 

Also “Dumpy” became the foundation stock for the breed. Other ancestors of the breed are the Chesapeake Bay retriever, cocker spaniel, and the American water Spaniel. 

About Boykin Spaniel:


There are so many kinds of dogs. And we love to care for them and add up in our family members. We love pet animals and these are nice to play with them. In these all kinds of dogs are special and a very talented dog is called Boykin Spaniel. Dogs of the Boykin Spaniel breed are known for their hunting skills, but they make only as a good companion to families as to hunters. Thanks to their smartness and their friendly confidence, Boykin dog family should be active one, how, ever this dog needs a lot of exercises. 

Even these are purebred dogs; you may find them in the care of shelters or rescue groups.

Remember! To adopt don’t shop if you want to bring a dog for home.

The Boykin spaniel is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

Boykin Spaniels Are Also Fantastic Family Companions:

Although they are very hardworking and talented hunting dogs, Boykin Spaniels also make fantastic family companions. They may be focused on their jobs while they’re out from working in the field, but when they are at home with the family, they are playful, charming, and relaxed. They also tend to form a 


strong bond with their families. The Boykin Spaniels has a great personality. They tend to be naturally friendly and social. 

Boykin Spaniels are Very High Energy Dogs:

The Boykin Spaniel is a high-energy dog breed. Their energy level can range from moderate to high, but rest assured, these dogs need a lot of daily exercise just like humans beings. Daily walks plus some extra activities are a must for this dog breed. 

The Boykin spaniel is a loveable, dedicated, and hardworking dog that is a good fit for owners and active families who can give them the exercise, mental stimulation, and affection they need. 

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Boykin is Most Talented Gundogs:

Boykin Spaniels are talented gundogs, whether working around a lake, in swampy marshland, or on land, they are skilled at flushing out game and water retrieval. 

They are popular dogs bred for bird hunters but also fit right in at home as a beloved family companion. 

The Boykin Spaniels puppies are really cute and love to suppose like a family member.