In contrast to the timeline for the company below, Underground Printing`s history began in 1992; in the sixth grade, Rishi Narayan and Ryan Gregg, co-founders of UGP, first crossed paths. They became best friends after many broken glasses and countless pickup basketball games, which helped to establish the modern Underground Printing.

After high school, Ryan and Rishi in Ann Arbor chose to attend the University of Michigan. They are searching for something new and want to start a small business. But, at the University of Michigan, Where they found engineering classes to be rather uninteresting, the pair gained some small business experience from Ryan`s dorm room loft building company, both good and bad! After getting the entrepreneurial bug, they continued their search for a longer-term business venture.

Troubles Experienced By Rishi

Following a string of "problems" with his beloved Ford Probe GT, Rishi had a chance encounter with a tow truck driver who had once dabbled in screen printing. R&R believed they could succeed because they could recall all the custom t-shirts they made for the various high school student organizations they were a part of. To be listed first in the phone book, they chose A-1 Screen printing. 

What Issues They Faced After Purchased Basic Screen Printing Setup?

Ryan and Rishi bought a basic screen printing setup, but they faced a production location dilemma. They were certain they couldn`t smuggle everything into their dorm room. They convinced the now-famous tow truck driver to let them shop in his garage, next to a broken-down Chevy and two golden retrievers, who generously shared their hair with everything they touched after some gentle cajoling and reassuring.

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Underground Printing Products Collection

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Bottom line:

Underground Printing is an online clothing selling platform where you get all the best stuff and regular clothing accessories that you need in your daily routine; also available sports-wear easy to wear, soft in the fabric, and comfortable stuff.