Pottery Barn UAE is an online home décor products and accessories store in UAE. They offer you to find luxury home furniture, bathroom, and outdoor furniture at Pottery Barn UAE. Pottery Barn UAE believes home furnishings should be extraordinary in comfort, quality, style, and value. Pottery Barn UAE was established in 1948 to create a furniture brand. Williams Sonoma, Inc, accrues this brand. 

Pottery Barn Dubai`s owner?

The Alshaya Group was founded in Kuwait in 1890 and is a vibrant family-owned business. Alshaya Group, one of the top brand franchise operators in the world, has a track record of innovation and growth while providing customers with an unrivaled selection of well-known international brands.

What Pottery Barn UAE Do?

Pottery Barn UAE is an online store that provides the best home furniture products and accessories. They provide luxury furniture for the home, bathrooms, and outdoors. Pottery Barn UAE has a wonderful design and style combined with amazing and beautiful pastel colors. You can get your furniture at Pottery Barn UAE at the very least price that will never break your budget and make your home more adorable and elegant. 

The Collection Of Pottery Barn UAE Includes: 

  1. The spring collection 

  2. Ramadan Collection 

The Spring Collection

This is the most demanded spring collection because customers want to change their home looks before the welcoming spring season. They were using pastel colors to enhance their home beauty. You can check all the collections on their official website. 

Ramadan Collection

In the season of Ramadan, Muslims are excited to change their environment because Ramadan is the blessing month, and customer love to change their home setting in a new and beautiful way. They want to change their dining table looks. So if you want to change the look of your home and make it look beautiful, shop on their official website. 


Here we describe to you all the info of Pottery Barn UAE Company, and they provide their best services to their customers at their door steps. They also provide amazing coupons and discount codes to save your hard-ear-money, and offer the best comfort, stylish and authentic product that makes your home look good and elegant; Shop at their official website and signup for all new arrivals and updates.