Best Times Of The Year To Shop For Shoes

Everything seems to be getting more expensive by the day and managing all your expenses in a fixed budget is getting harder every day. Clothing items prices seem to be skyrocketing and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious solution to the problem. And when it comes to shoes, they are an essential that you need to restock on regularly. At the rate they get worn out, you need a new pair of shoes every couple of months, and yet there has to be a way to buy shoes without straining your pocket too much.

There are certain rules that apply to smart shopping and one of the rules is to buy certain items at certain times of the year, and this applies to shoes as well. For every type of shoe, there is a certain time when it must be bought to avoid high prices. Here are the times of the year when you can buy certain types of shoes.



Everyone needs a pair of sneakers in their closet. Even if you do not work out or exercise regularly, you never know when you might need these. For long travelling, sneakers are the most comfortable option. So it would be a shame if you didn’t know when to capitalize on buying these. April is the best month for some sneaker shopping. That is when most stores are trying to empty their racks off the winter stuff to make space for summer apparel. Another good month for buying sneakers is November.



Often used during the winter, they are a crucial part of your wardrobe during the colder seasons. Off-season clearance sales are the best place to start looking for some winter boots. Considering that most stores become impatient to get rid of their winter stock once the summer starts rolling in, they will be giving huge reductions on prices and most times, you are able to get your hands on something truly worthwhile at a very cheap price.



No matter the season, you need some heels in your wardrobe all the time. They are hard to do without in the office and are an absolute essential. They vary in design according to the seasons and are therefore harder to assign a specific time to buy. Depending on the kind of heels you will be needing during the season, do your heels shopping! If it`s winter, then you need some high heeled winter boots, and if it`s summer, then wedges are what you’re looking for.



The word sandals is commonly associated with summer and spring, so accordingly the right time to start looking for some good sandals is March. That is when they have been in stores long enough for the prices to have come down a bit, but there is enough good stock for you to get your hands on some pretty sandals.

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