Plants are one of the best for our home especially house plants, because we love to see plants in our homes to look beautiful and elegant. But we also love for our furry family members to see in our home as a family member. 

plnts for pets.png

Now it’s time to have the best for both worlds. There are two things we love deeply in life that is pets and plants. 

You want indoor plants to make your home look and feel beautiful and you also love your pets and want to keep them healthy, but you are heard that some houseplants are not good for your pets. 

So we need to know about the plants which is good for our animals and which is unhealthy for our furry family. 

Safely tips for pets and plants


Indoor plants that are safe for pets

The best strategy for protecting your pets from toxic plants you need to know about which plant is non-toxic and those from your jungles. There are a lot of non toxic plants which is good for our pets. 


Before we get start our list of the best plants, for pets, a word of warning check and check again to see if they are toxic. Certain varieties of a particular plant might be safe. Most like for example are toxic to cats, while the Peruvian lily.

Enlist the toxic plants for our pets.


Peruvian lily toxic for furry family

 It is perfectly safe because they can still cause your cats some health issues. Peruvian lilies contain a toxin called tulipalin A. consuming a lot of this toxin called could cause your cat to suffer from an upset stomach and vomiting.

Holly toxic plant for pets

The berries of the holly plants are toxic not only to dogs but also to other animals and children and these berries remain attached to the plants if you want to grow in your home just like a houseplant so stay out of your pets from this plant of the area were you grow holly plant. 


Because if your pet chewed on holly probably, the sign you note of your pet is he smacking their lips, drooling, and shaking their head that means your pet chewed on holly. And it’s dangerous for your pet. 

Begonia toxic plant for pets

This is the most toxic plants which cause kidney issues; it is located under the soil in the root area, so your pet would have to empty the pot into the floor to get to that. 


Still, the leaves and blossoms are also poisonous. They can make the irritation of your dog and cat`s mouth and cause vomiting, drooling and trouble swallowing.

Oleander toxic plant for pets

Oleanders are beautiful flowering plants that can grow incredibly large and spared in a large area. Oleander is mostly used in landscaping along fences for privacy and their beauty. 


Unfortunately, the Oleander plant is toxic for all mammals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and goats. So keep the distance fixed these plants from your furry family. 

As we talk about the toxic plants and we let you about some toxic plants that are dangerous for your pets. And also there are a lot of toxic plants which are bad for your pets and may cause many diseases. Make sure to grow all the non-toxic plants and try to keep avoid the areas of plants your pets.