What Makes An Eyeliner Perfect

That one’s too dry! That one gets ruined too easily! That one is just plain hard to put on! Despite the fact that I`ve been using eyeliners for years, I still haven’t been able to find one that I think is flawless. Now, you might think of me as a hardcore critic, but really, it is all a matter of personal preference. And more than that, the kind of eyeliner you choose will decide how good it looks on you and how easy it was to put on.

So before you buy a super expensive eyeliner that does not live upto your expectations, you should know what makes one eyeliner better than the other and which kind will suit you best.


How Long Does It Stay On?

For most people, this is a major concern. Anyone working long hours, or is a college or university student will need an eyeliner that does not get smudged easily. Often, a waterproof eyeliner would be the preferable choice. The quality of an eyeliner defines how long it stays perfect and does not get smudged.


However, some people prefer eyeliners that don’t stay on for too long. Taking off a long lasting eyeliner is a hard process and if you don’t need to put the eyeliner on for too long, then you are better off without a long lasting eyeliner. Gel liners tend to be the ones that stick around the longest and most pencil liners do not. Liquid liners come in the intermediate zone.


How Easy Is It To Use?

Depending on the kind of eyeliner you put on, your choice of eyeliner should also differ. I made the mistake of using pencil liners for making my winged eye look, and for the longest time, I did not understand why I could not pull it off. Pencil liners are better used for a smudged, smoky look. They generally do not give as fine a line as gel liners and liquid liners. So if you’re thinking of going for a smoky eyes look, go for the pencil liner. But if you want a clean, neat winged liner, your best option is either gel liner or liquid liner. However, I will forever stick to my opinion that pencil liners are the easiest to use.


How Dark Is It?

If you have light eyelashes and don’t like putting on extremely dark eyeliner that makes you look like you don’t have any eyelashes, then you need to get yourself some pencil eyeliners. With the amount of control they offer, you can go for a lighter eyeliner, or a darker one. With liquid liners and gel liners, you do not have the choice to lighten them up, if you do not want them to be so dark. Also, if the shiny eyeliner isn’t your thing, avoid liquid and gel liners and get the pencil ones.


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